Sticky Hands

Technique Review January 2, 2019

Today we are going to do “sticky hands”. The idea is trying to work on relaxing the mind, the internal talk, the self talk, the internal monologue, and control the ego.

Video transcript

Hi everyone, welcome to this weeks technique review.

Today we are going to do “sticky hands”. The idea is trying to work on relaxing the mind, the internal talk, the self talk, the internal monologue, and control the ego. Yoav  and I, we are working on it. Yoav has been practicing different martial arts for years, a little bit of krav maga, but the last nine years we’ve been working together on all the videos, the clips, he’s our director, camera man, etc.

His job in the beginning will be to push his hand towards my chest and take me a little bit off balance. That’s his job. My job will be to take him off the line and return, push towards his center of chest, and he is moving out. All the time you are receiving and then pushing. Now I am receiving, and I redirect him, now I push … try to push him and he redirects me.

Look at what happens with the bodies. When you are pushing you are shifting the weight forward, you almost straightening your back leg. The front leg, bent. Breathing in a relaxed manner, practically … if you look from above, sort of a lips is happening here. If I would do it towards you … I push, I receive, I turn. I push, I receive the pressure with the palm to me towards my chest, I redirect the pressure, change the position of the palm, and push forward. It is very basic, very relaxed. And the idea is to ignore results. You don’t care to be pushed. What would happen if he is pushing me? Nothing.

So the issue of controlling your emotions, controlling your thoughts. Focus on the breathing. Forwards, backwards. Giving, receiving, pushing. And when you think about this movement, it’s like strike. When you think about this movement there’s nothing really similar in krav maga for receiving. There are some sweeping the fences, maybe there’s some sort of similarities here. So, yes. That’s the idea. And we are like sitting on our legs, pelvises relaxed. That’s rule number one.

The second rule will be trying from the outside, from the inside, to put the hand on the chest or stomach area of the partner and pushing. While pushing him you move your pelvis forward, less bending, and when something like this happens you are making defense. So for example, if he’s attacking, pushing towards me, trying to put the hand and then push, not about touching, just pushing.

I can do inside defense. I could do outside defense. I can do downwards defenses. So this is the idea, we are trying to move like couple of our hands … like a couple of snakes. Yes. And trying to go and make some sort of attacks. Yes. And then if he manages to put the hand on me, for example, he will push. If I got stuck, I’ll be pushed. If I managed to redirect with the dynamic motion, with the body defense plus the hand defense … deflection, the active defense, both will be very very good in order to fulfill this mission of being very relaxed. That’s the idea.

Now, your mental state and how you are moving. When he moves try to move slower than your partner all the time. Try to be very relaxed. So it’s mind exercise. Yes, we are moving with the body, but it is a mind exercise. You can breathe, relax, even do the exercises with eyes closed. So when I close my eyes I can focus a little bit better on the motions. On the intentions of my partner. I should feel what he is doing. At this moment your heart is quite pressing me. Look where he is, look where I am. I am much more near my own body. The moment there is more pressure on me, I’ll be more behind. The more we are equal in pressure, we’ll be more in the middle. That’s the idea. We are trying to avoid the pressure of the partner. I try to put my hand on him. I try to put my weight on him so he’ll carry my weight, not my muscle will carry my own weight.

Yes. Are you’re breathing Yoav?

All the time.

All the time. Great.

And like this we are trying to reach, trying to touch, trying to push. Again, not about putting the hand on the partner. It’s about continuously pressing him. Giving him a chance to get rid of the pressure. And so something like this one is not considered correct. What’s considered correct is to go make a pressure.

He got out. He will receive, he will give back pressure. And like this, we are trying to go from one direction, he made a defense. I try to go from another direction, he made a defense. Until one moment we will be able to succeed. Or maybe not. Doesn’t matter.

And obviously switching legs, we start like Bruce Lee in the movies, yes. Yes, that’s the idea. I’m searching. I’m searching for an opening all the time. Yes. And Yoav is defending all the time. The moment I will manage to put a hand on him when … if and when, I will be pushing, pressing. The moment I manage to press, okay he managed to escape the pressure. If I managed to press well he will make a step, meaning, he lost his balance. Meaning he has a place to improve.

So the whole idea is I’m not perfect yet. It’s all about yet, right.

Okay, thank you guys. All the best.

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