Mechanics of Attacks on the Ground

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Shalom everyone. Welcome to this week’s technique review. When we talk about attacks, attacks on the ground should be in the same category as attacks while standing, meaning they should have the components.

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Shalom everyone. Welcome to this week’s technique review. When we talk about attacks, attacks on the ground should be in the same category as attacks while standing, meaning they should have the components. What are the components? Mass, speed, balance, rigidness, or ability to resist impact, deliver impact, the ability to withstand the impact. When we talk about standing attacks, the sort of kinetic chain from the ground, through the different parts of the body, until the target and into the target, especially doing the impact.

What is impact? Impact is pressure, stress, yes, into the target. The impact can be slow, which means, we are pushing or the impact can be fast, meaning penetrating, breaking. The target doesn’t have time to move much. In mechanics, physics, there are some rules, and laws of conservation of the momentum, the parts and conservation of the energy. In any case, when we are talking about attacks on the ground, like in all biomechanics and mechanics of physics, they should be answering to the same laws. If I would like to hit a target that is on the ground, and deliver … I need to deliver, remember, pressure, stress, on the target.

Imagine I’m like this, doing this motion. Okay. What is moving? Only my hand. It’s a little amount of mass, because my hand is not so large, big muscular one. What to do, and to put more body weight during the attack. I need to use more speed. Maximize the speed, maximize the mass. Do shift of the weight in the direction press with the source, with the back, with the leg, that this pressure should be transferred into the target. We have to be in good balance, when we’re giving this attack. Let’s look at something.

If I would like hit this target … Now, where is my weight? My weight is on my knees, partly on my feet. If I’m in this position, I can deliver more weight forward. If I put a lot of weight forward, I can raise the leg, so there would be more weight, look. Look what happens to the kick shield. I lift the leg. I’m sinking much more on the target. I take this one. You’ll see even better. In this position, there’s certain amount of weight on my legs and on my hands. If I lift my leg off the ground, what will happen, more weight will be on my hands. Obviously, I’m moving the body more, but forward.

To deliver a good attack to the ground, I need to have momentum, momentum from here is not so much fast, not so much speed attack. I need to do that and prepare. This is telegraphing. It’s being seen. If he is limited, maybe he cannot avoid it so much. If I’m in this position, and from here I press with the back leg, my quads working, my glutes working.

Here, I can deliver stronger attack towards the ground. If I lean on my leg, there’s more weight on my leg. I want to have more weight on my hand. I’m delivering, I’m shifting my weight. I’m pressing with my leg, doing impact. I need to continue to press, to try to reach the ground, if the surface is here. I’ve got the 10 inches from the ground, about 25 centimeters to the target. Here, here I can deliver more energy, when I’m using the push with the leg.

If I’m sitting, completely on the target, something like this for example, Send the body down, send a shoulder towards the target. Press with the leg. Now, what will happen if I press too much on the leg. I’m off. If I’m losing, the person would like to lift his pelvis, so I lose my balance and fall forward. We do not have balance and would not be able to deliver a punch, even the shoulder, would not be above the target, but would be forward. How can I attack from here? Difficult more.

With the other hand, I need to stop, or I need to be in a place that I cannot permit myself to shift too much weight forward, so I do something like this, or I put my hand on the floor and like this I will attack. This is with more preparation, like a hook. This is with less preparation, more like strike, straight attack. Again, the biomechanics are very similar or the rules are the same rules. Push with the legs. Stay balanced. Shift the weight. Use maximum speed. The fist, and the arm have to be strong, so it do not crash and energy being absorbed into your weapon instead of on the target.

If we would like to attack with the leg here for example, I in this position. I would like to hit. If I press my leg, more, more, more, what will happen? My butt will come up. When I hit, I would like to, with strongly, so I raise my bottom and land everything towards the target including my body. Everything travels towards the target. If I am in different positions, for example, it’s just understanding again, the biomechanics, permit me.

If that’s the target, I would like to hit that target by my side, I will move and raise the body and turn the body and send the body towards the target. Send the shoulder towards the targets and the hand towards the target. Send the whole body towards the target, let’s say it’s my head level. Turn the body. If I would like to hit with the leg, it’s the same stuff. I will rotate. I will send my hips towards the target. I need to balance myself.

If we talk about attacking with a hammer strike, sideways … From here, turn the body, send the shoulder towards the target. Send the body towards the target, like this one. Press the target. If I press, if I could press so strong, and elevate the power, my body would be lifted, just because of the pressure on the ground. This is the ideas about attacking while you’re on the ground.

If we talk about, I’m on the ground and I attack something, that is in front of me, again, send the pelvis. Now, the pelvis is down. The line of power is broken. This way the pelvis is up. The line of power is straight, from the ground to the target. Obviously, this lifting of the pelvis is sending part of the weight towards the target. It’s all about mechanics, and about training. Stop watching. Go to train guys. All the ways. See you next time. Ciao.

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