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Technique Review 

Hi everyone. Shalom to you. This week’s technique review is about, again, wrist grabs. This time it’s about two hands grabbing one hand. And if you remember, many times we are talking about non-dangerous situations. . .

Video transcript

Hi everyone. Shalom to you. This week’s technique review is about, again, wrist grabs. This time it’s about two hands grabbing one hand. And if you remember, many times we are talking about non-dangerous situations. So at least the level of violence in the moment of the grab is not so high, and not so expected.

For example, is somebody is trying to drag you and kidnap you, or shove you into some back of a van, it’s very dangerous, so attack very hard, very strong. Do what you need to do, in order to overcome the actions of the enemy. But if it is some old person who wants to pull you to help but it’s limiting you, maybe you’re an officer of the law, and it is limiting you. Or some family member, or another kid in high school is grabbing your hand, so can you strike this person? Many times it’s really not appropriate, not possible, and definitely not legal.

So what to do in this case? So we talk about what we say softer solution releases. Please Jonathan, be kind. So now, he’s grab … First of all, get used to not letting, you can say okay please. Now I let him. I chose it. What to do now. Maybe it puts us a bit of weight, maybe it’s a bit of pressing. Maybe he’s limiting me in a way that I definitely don’t like it.

So, what to do? It’s two hands stronger more weight on one hand of mine. What to do in this case, very difficult. So would you lift this hand for one moment? So if it was one hand against one hand, I use the release, but I cannot do it because there is not an opening that I can do. There is no opening. There is no opening on either side. So what to do?

The answer is make yourself stronger. Be strong. Come on, did you eat breakfast? Ah, excellent. Yes that’s the idea.

What happens here? Grab. And if you grab your own palm, you may break your own wrist, so grab a fist. Shove down. Go down. Now use access. So the idea is that you drop the elbow. Hold strong. Drop the elbow. This is not difficult. You drop the elbow and you lift the fist. When you do it with two hands it’s very easy.

And now, when your fist is halfway over his forearm, then you can rotate sideways and do the basic concept like this. Bringing the elbow closer to the forearm.

Sometimes we see somethings like this, a release and then a punch. How can it be justified? If you can justify something like this, okay no problem, it’s legal. But if you cannot justify, meaning that he was not dangerous to you then it’s not legal. Then you may be in trouble. Okay?

So, again, from here grab, lift, rotate or turn. That’s the idea. If there is a need and you feel that he’s much stronger, okay hit a little bit and then do the technique. So you didn’t really destroy the person. You just wanted to distract him. Pow. Okay.

This is sometimes common as well. You spit at somebody’s face. We are talking about the Middle East right? So, if you need it, do some distraction. It can be some sort of a strike. It can be some sort of a slap. It can be even a spit or just scare him and then do the technique. Scare him. Again it is not justified really to attack the person.

And then after that, after you have done that, move away from danger zone. So I do whatever I do, yes? And then move away from danger zone. Run away from it. Or back off, stay away from me. Back off, stay away. Things like this that show more assertively, more aggression. Or come on man leave me, leave me. Go, go work some, go do some positive thing. Okay?

So all this again depending on who this is. Who you are. What’s the situation. we say the situation is the foundation for the solution, the whole solution, must be adequate. If we talk about the other possibility, meaning if he’s so strong sometimes it’s difficult to do this technique. It’s sometimes because of the weight. How much weight is he putting on the hand. Sometimes because his hands are a bit too close to each other, it is difficult to pull the other hand.

So then we’ve got another option. Not to make myself stronger, but to make him weaker. Make him weaker. What do I do in this case. Again I am doing a separation of one hand. And many times we see here mistakes. People are using hooks, like against the choke. Would you choke me for one moment. This one. Or that one.

What is this? It’s a hook with five fingers. Unfortunately, when we talk about a choke it’s reasonable. When we talk about a grab here, it is not so reasonable, because of the wrapping here. So what do we say, use the hook of the wrist.

So I’m going with the hook of the wrist and with this one I’m hitting the wrist area and with the other hand with counteraction. And had the common problem. People are pulling two hands, then you are reducing the shock. You are shock absorbing yourself.

So what the idea is, press the free, the caught hand, press it toward him. Just a little bit, a couple of inches is enough. And then it is much more efficient to create the release. Would you hold strong? I’m doing this one a little bit. Yes, be very strong and don’t move. Yes. Don’t move. Good.

And now I do the opposite. The first one I was strong. I was pulling both to me. The second one I was pulling pushing. And again, both were not so strong pulls. One was with zero effect, I didn’t make the release. And the other one I was successful. Right? Of course.

Guys, thank you so much. Keep on doing very good work. Don’t neglect your mental training also. All the best. Ciao. Thank you, Jonathan.

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