Defense Against Oriental Knife Stab From The Side - Close Range

Technique Review July 1, 2019

Shalom, everyone. Welcome to our week’s technique review. Albert from our global international team of instructors and myself, we’ll talk about dealing with knife stab in the oriental manner,

Video transcript

Shalom, everyone. Welcome to our week’s technique review. Albert from our global international team of instructors and myself, we’ll talk about dealing with knife stab in the oriental manner, meaning the underhand attack, at mainly about the close range. We’ll talk more about situation coming from the side.

Last several techniques we were talking about situations from the side, but against the overhand, and also the underhand. Now, again, closer range, when he’s attacking me in this situation … This is one option. Very fast, very early, rather aggressive. From here, defending and countering, remember we have to lower ourself and we have to open the elbow a bit more than 90 degrees. We have to catch him quite close. We have to put our weight to be able to stop with our mass and our impact with the upcoming attack.

It is possible, please when you’re ready, to control the person, but remember, controlling is rather dangerous because you’re opening yourself. Controlling is part of the finishing mode of the technique, not part of the technique itself. What happens if we’re in this situation and he’s attacking several times. It’ll be much better for me as soon as I can. Remember I didn’t do it early enough. Let’s do slowly [foreign language] to move as early as I can outside the channel.

Maybe I cannot do it initially, I don’t have time to move the body, only I have time to bend, but again, maybe the second or the third attack, I will move out. Moving out is much within the trapping. This is for sure. But the question is what happens if I’m by the side and from the side. Attacked from the side. Practically, we select this one. He attacks me. I need to have the knife very much away from me so I lean, and I rotate a little bit so I’ve got attacking hand.

I was defending and counterattacking as early as possible, counterattack maybe against the first or maybe the next stab, who knows? All I can do is do my best and the earliest obviously, but what happens if it’s in this situation, and when he makes the attack slowly, slowly, slowly, he’s going towards my ribs area, and here when I bend and block and even turn to him. What happens is by my side, behind me, and I cannot reach him with the punch.

As we said, if I’m in a longer distance and he’s advancing, I’ve more time I can do something different, so I can move, but if I’m in the close range, there’s a small step or something like this, and then he stabs me, then he’s quite more behind me. That’s an issue. What to do? Use the principle of defend, defend, attack, so stab me a few times.

Do it again. I’ll touch the chest a little bit. He attacks. What happened here was I made a block and I rotate and did another block, so I defend, defend, and attack. With the second defense, I’m rotating, and I’m still in the line, still almost in the channel completely. Now, I can move out. I’m really relying much more on the hand defense. If I want to rely more on the body defense after I move sideways, rotating is not so good here, so if I want to move early, I have to do something like this, or I have to do something like this, and these cases, I get out, and I can from here, kick.

The possibility is also that we can do from the short range, however, think of it, what’s your natural response? Is your natural response to do something like this? Yes, sometimes. Or is your natural response will be something like this? How can I move? I was bending too much. According to the natural response, you can do your technique. Again, technique foundation for the correction, natural response is the foundation for the technique.

Again, to summarize this, I can turn and hit him if it’s in the right angle. From this angle, I cannot turn and hit him. I have to rotate and do the defense against usually the second start.

Guys, thank you for watching and listen. Albert, thank you so much. All the best. Go and train.

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