Knife Threats - The Art of Complying and Giving

Technique Review 

Hi everyone. Shalom to you. This week’s technique review is about compliance. How to comply, the art of compliance, how to work correctly so your tone of voice, body language actions will not trigger attacker’s behaving. . .

Video transcript

Hi everyone. Shalom to you. This week’s technique review is about compliance. How to comply, the art of compliance, how to work correctly so your tone of voice, body language actions will not trigger attacker’s behaving.

Now, it’s very important to understand that we need to work on compliance. Not always to fight, not always to resist. Very simple- imagine, you are not so very well trained. And there is more than one attacker. Why not to give? To give can be a great solution. If you feel that giving will solve the problem. Somebody is trying to rob you- give it.

If I will ask your mother, or your daughter, would you like my son- would you like your son or your husband, or your father to fight for the wallet or for the car keys? Or give it and move away? What would you like? What will be the answer? The answer will be I want my son, father, husband safe with me. That’s it.

So, the whole idea it, we need to know how to comply and please remember, it’s part of the tactics and you have to understand, you need to know this too. And you need to practice it. So, imagine, there’s an attempt to robbery, for robbery. Meaning somebody’s trying to get your money. So, you are like a piece of meat. You are resource. Practically, his money is in your pocket- and he wants his money. So, if you don’t give the money, you have a big problem. So, if he doesn’t give the money, prepare to die. As was said in the movies.

So, let- Johnathan please come- so, the idea is this. He has a knife, he didn’t see- you didn’t see it coming, suddenly there’s a knife threat. That’s an example. Usually what will happen, the attacker will be saying something. He will have a strong tone of voice. He will have a certain body language, he will have a uh knife, he has a knife in his hand. So, it’s a frightening and stressing type of situation. If you please-

Give me your money

Okay, relax man, relax. Here’s the money. Take it, take it, no problem.

This was just an example. So what do I- what do you do? One more time. One more time.

Give me your money

Okay, it is yours man. Take it, take it, it’s yours. Take it- thanks, thanks.

So, what was that? Practically, there’s a person with a specific body language, aggressive one, tone of voice, the content of the voice, of that what he’s saying is less important. And there’s a weapon here.

So, first of all be prepared. So, and also, in body language of ‘Okay, I surrender’. it’s not like fighting but it is very close to the fighting stance. I can do quite good defenses here if I need to. I can grab, I can strike from here if I wish. So, that’s first of all. Now I’m doing something like this…when I’m doing, when I send the hand here, if my voice is ‘okay, it’s yours, please take it’. So, one hand is still here, the other hand is going to the pocket. And also if you do that one, he has a tendency to look also where you’re going. So, he’s less aggressive and more distracted. And here, it’s going. Now you’re got a couple of options.

One option is do this and move away. And probably he will look down and try to even, to pick it. And you gain some meter. Some feet away. On the other hand, it’s also possible to give it to him, press him, press the wallet into his hand. The other hand, even you can touch his hand. Move away, backwards at the same time. He will almost automatically imitate you. He will also move back. It’s not always, it’s many times.

So again, we’re talking about…the first response, by the action. If I decide to do this type, okay there was no problem at all. I could do this too- but what we said: comply. Learn and know how to comply. Sometimes you need it. And if you don’t train on it, you not do it well.

So, here it is. Hand up, partly slanted sideways. So practically I’m in a good ability to defend and fight. Maybe not accident, it’s quite close range, he had a knife- but it’s not bad. So, that’s first of all. Then, look at the person. Talk to him. Relax. Don’t be like this, don’t be too scared- but don’t be over aggressive or with a sort of attacking attitude. If you want to attack, attack. Don’t throw any attitude. And then, if we are in this position, you are afraid. So you raise your hand, as if afraid, yes. Look at my back heel by the way. It is raised. I am not leaning backwards. I’m not moving backwards yet. I am talking to him but my hands and my voice and my body language is such that I am complying with him- and it feels compliance. So he go, is high and he feels good- because my go is low and I’m complying.

Now I said my hand, it’s okay. I’m in my behavior, I am relaxing him, say okay, even said relax, it’s yours. It’s yours, it’s your money. Take it, no problem, take it. And then you look, if you manage to look down. IF you feel okay to look down to your own pocket, it will attract his eyes there. The wallet is out, take the wallet. Push it into his hand and he will imitate you. Commonly.

Now, the other things to do. For example, can I take my driver’s license please? Can I- maybe if you’re very sure of yourself, no problem. He say take, take, take all the money, no problem. So, this also an option. How you feel, would you feel the, would you sense from the environment of the situation, the attitude of the person, you may be able to do this.

So, just give the money. If you’re a tourist, or not even, if you feel it’s his wallet now. If you feel, that you are a little bit in danger, don’t walk with your wallet in a way that you will have to give it. Have few notes in your pocket and then give the notes. Say give, that’s it. And even drop them so he will look down.

So there are different ways of doing this. it’s definitely an out. I open this window for you. Train on it, think about it. Find different ways of compliance. Train with other people. The better the attacker will be, the better you will be.

Thanks man, cheers.

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