Outside Scooping Defense Against a Low Knife Stab

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This week’s technique review is about the defense against a low, straight stab, when your initial response was hands up. What’s the logic?

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Hi guys. This week’s technique review is about the defense against a low, straight stab, when your initial response was hands up. What’s the logic? The logic is sometimes the attacker, when he attacks, is moving with the body, and then with the knife. As a fighting response, you first raise your hands, because you see a body moving towards you, and then the automatic system identifies the danger from below, so hands will go down as a natural response.

What to do in this case, hands are down. This is the natural response. How do you convert this? How can we change this to the best defense possible? First of all I show the problem. The problem is something like this. Now, we know that if the hands are by the side, it’s a defense. This type of defense we have, but if the hands are high, that’s the question.

Do slowly one time, when you move exactly, so when you move in the beginning, I raise my hands, and then I saw the low stance. Well, natural response starts like this, or the starting hands high, which would be very, very easy, when you’re ready to start fighting.

Okay, so look again what’s happening. Do it fast. Okay, so the idea is this, hands are high in the beginning. We have to involve the distance that he can reach with a small step, that will be safe, relatively safe for us. Slowly, that’s the natural response, body is going backwards and hands are going down, but you understand that in this case, the body is long or advancing, and the defense is downwards.

The knife may reach me in the leg. The idea of this, body defense would be outward. Now, we call this a ‘scooping defense,’ but don’t misunderstand. Sometimes it does happen. There’s a mistake. People think it should be done with the hand, no. It should be done from the pinky to elbow, middle, then you can margin for mistake, so here, that’s the defense.

While at the same time, the dynamic defense is moving diagonally sideways, and counter attack first, and continue with countering, circling, moving away. If we’ve got the option of moving away, great. If we don’t have the option, then I’ll stay much closer to him, but still I try to clear the channel from this angle. I’m clearing the channel here, and if I need to be close to him, it will be that way, so I’ll try to move him away from me, because I can’t move away. For example, there’s some objects by the side.

Look again at the hand defense. The hand defense, as we said, scooping out, so the motion of the palm, this motion of the palm, is really a by-product, a weak type of action, because the forearm is tackling his. In the beginning, we are defending, more or less, with the fleshy part, but because we are turning the body, the bony part is more directed towards the person, the person’s hand. We’ll try to know the defense as we understand, as close as possible to him, and as early as possible. If I were to do it now, it’s too late. I would definitely like to do it now.

Again, like in all the ins and outs of defenses, he will try to defend against the palm area to forearm. We can say it’s sometimes too late, when that, it’s too late. You want to have the 200% defense, remember this. There are times when you see people going backwards, and maybe after that, to the side. Try to overcome this desire, and this natural response of going back. This is a natural response, okay, but as soon as possible, change it, and move the pelvis sideways. Pelvis will move sideways, so you are offline, and then you continue out, channel.

Remember, it’s very important that we will be able to get out of this area, not only the line here, the last portion, but because he’s recoiling, he’s going to stab again, so he’s stabbing few times. If I am here for the second stab, it can be dangerous. What we’re saying is, move out of channel as much as possible, so you’ve got the most devastating attack that you can do obvious, because this is solving the whole problem, solving the danger.

The immediate danger is the hand first body defense. Now, because there is this bible continuing with the palm and the wrist, and creating some sort of hook here, there can be situation that there is a control, certain level of control here, but it’s not an excellent control, it’s okay control, can happen more or less. After this, remember, that’s a really common mistake.

If you are trying to kick with the front leg, automatically, you are returning to the channel, even to the line, so if he’s knocked out, okay, but if still, he’s active and dangerous, so you’re coming here and kicking with this leg, it’s a problem. We’re trying to kick with the back leg as much as possible, whether we are close to him, or we are far from him, we try to kick with the back leg. Kicking with the back leg, as I said, puts us out of channel more, and also more behind the knife, while kicking with the front leg more involve the knife.

If he changed his leg position, just position, this is forward, so then it’s easy to kick the groin area, but still, better to kick with the back leg. Again, left forward. Now, to kick with the front leg, his leg’s blocking my kick, so definitely needs something. Again, if you are in close range, and you feel that it’s possible and good to kick with the back leg, kick early, kick fast, kick strong. Don’t forget to attack with the hand more or less in a broken rhythm. If you’ve got any questions, email us. All the best. Thank you.


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