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Hi everyone. Shalom Aleichem. Today’s weeks review is that the technique against or the techniques against choke from behind. . .

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Hi everyone. Shalom Aleichem. Today’s weeks review is that the technique against or the techniques against choke from behind.


Okay, so choke from behind, you didn’t see the attacker coming, if you somehow sensed the attacker coming, move away, prevent, you could not. So, now we have to talk about somebody from behind who chokes you.

Let’s do it slow and again, please. Choke a bit harder on my throat itself. I still can talk. Choke a bit. Stronger.

Okay, so, it was done slowly of course this next one. So, what do we do really? We are separating the thumbs and usually the mistakes people are going to the base of the thumb to this muscle here. You should go to the thumb itself. That’s the whole point here. So, if … just be a bit stronger, but don’t choke me, so I can talk. In this case, when I am pulling the base of the thumb, something that is connected to the palm itself, then the attacker has much more resistance. It’s really structural resistance even, only is muscle, this structure. We would like to go deep. If you remember, by definition, we say pinkies together, hook the five fingers, going to scrape the thumbs off. You cannot see the thumbs. They are in my hand.

It’s very important also, as soon as possible, he chokes you, you feel something, you are doing this. You are doing the following, first of all, the moment I am putting my chin down, would you do this? He is putting his chin down, my hands separate, my fingers or if I didn’t choke yet, he is going down, then I cannot choke. It is very difficult for me to choke. I cannot penetrate and press in because the chin is closing and the muscles contracted and it’s strong and large neck with a barrier in the front. So, this is what … here we can say the body defense. So, when he is choking me, I’m doing something like this. The shoulders are going up, the neck is much more narrower, and you see I am not a wrestler, so I do have a neck, yes? This moment you cannot almost see my neck. Chin is down, almost so you cannot choke here. So, if you manage to do this please, if you measure that very early, great. That’s the body defense.

The second thing is that you can reach earlier, the moment you do this one, please look. If I’m with a straight and I am doing this, look where my elbow is. When I am putting the chin down, where my elbow is, the palm is in the same place. Now the palm, the hook scrapes the thumbs or the thumb. You choke on the thumb, only one hand even. So, in this case, the moment I am doing this one, it was much more economical. Should I bring the elbow much higher and do the job or can I use a much lower and smaller movement. So it’s half the time. Imagine you’re using half the time to reach the same result.

And the last thing is, that the moment, would you turn around? The moment he’s head is a little bit backward, the thumb sinks in. Now the moment the head is down, the thumb is exposed. That’s the idea. I expose the thumbs, I’m much more economical, and I’ve got this good body defense all because I’m doing this action. Now remember, pinkies behind the neck, you must grab the thumbs themselves, not something else. Not the base of the thumb. Now, when I’m doing one hand or two hand techniques, let’s say two hands. I prefer to stay with the back to the opponent, okay you can attack, one, two, and then, continue. If you feel that you would like, after one and two, move away and kick with more or less kicks, it’s no problem total. Create a distance, it’s good.

So, whether you continue attacking the attacker, remember he was trying to choke you and that’s a killing technique. So, continue to attack him until you neutralize his capabilities to attack again. Great, if not, run away. Hopefully he cannot chase you.

The other option is, I don’t want to stay with the back to the opponent. Here I open and then I go to the side. With a basic turn. So what do we say here? If you look at my whole body you see my foot. If I’m doing something like this, I turned. This is crucial if he is pulling me. Pull me with a choke. Then I have to go and maybe I cannot reach with a strike, maybe I can. Then I can do a look and then I will strike. Anyhow, there’s two possibilities. One, stay with the back or turn away. The moment I decided to turn away, he got the strike very, very early. Why should I turn? The reason as I said before, if he’s pulling you. If he’s pulling you, you don’t want to stay with the back to him. You will fall, you have more chances to fall back.

So you would like to step back because he is pulling you, not that you like, you are forced. If he’s pulling me … if I did very early, it’s no problem. I can strike. I can go right or left, I can strike. But it is because I contracted very early, he couldn’t really pull me. If I was surprised, then this doesn’t happen, this happens, and then, look what happens. Look at the position of my body. I’m down here. I rotated. I lost my balance and here what can I do? Make looks and after that, strike or give in. That’s the idea.

Thank you. All the best guys. Keep on training. Review the techniques. Go to the gym and train also. Meeting with your KMG instructor. All the best. Ciao.

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