Sweeping Defense Against a Sidekick

Technique Review 

Hi, everyone. This week’s technical review is about sweeping defenses specifically against side kicks. . .

Video transcript

Hi, everyone. This week’s technical review is about sweeping defenses specifically against side kicks.

The idea is to do the most efficient defense against a side kick. What’s the problem with the side kick? Straight back with a hole in it, so any defense’s power to my body, inside or outside defense, will sink into that hole. That’s our problem with the exception we are talking about low midsection kicks at the moment. Any type of defense we seek, so what we need to do? We need to create better angle that we’ll be able to pull the attack away. We’ll not slide into the hole. We’ll be vertical to it.

Okay, so that’s really the kick, which is going towards my body. Any defense here will slide inside. What do we need to do? We need to create 90 degrees here, meaning I need to hit from this direction as you see my finger pointing.

What’s the problem? He is kicking to me, and I have to go forward then backwards then be faster than him. Again. It’s almost impossible, yes? I am going forward and backwards, and he’s only going forward. Who will be faster? Him. It’s obvious.

How do I do this that I’ll be able to go forward a little bit, back, and double, triple my speed? The answer is embedded in the body motion. When you’re ready, kick.

What we do here is this. Slowly. I go deep and then I hit. I’m doing this action here, but, at the same time, I’m moving my body, so instead of only being here … Wait, wait, wait. Instead of only being here with this action, at the same time that my hand moves, my body moves. Look, at the same moment, same time, same fraction of a second, I tripled my distance, even maybe four times more.

With the torque of the body, with this action, I did the hand defense, so from not only going, let’s say 30, 40 centimeter back, a foot, a foot and a half here, I did four feet or something like this. In this case … Slowly. That’s the idea.

If I move at the same time, a little bit bending forward, I move out of the channel, these two things together, and then I’ll be able either to trap him or to hit him, meaning … One more time. Sorry, it was too strong for you.

The idea is that at this moment we are striking. Would you do a right kick forward and crossing attack me? Okay. Slowly.

Again, this type of behaving, slowly, and putting my hand in, one more time, and I’m sending my hand backwards, and I’m using my body to accelerate and get out of channel, and advance into it and be able to hit, and if he’s too fast for me again, it could be that I have to grab him and then strike him. That’s really the idea.

Again, the essence is the body motion. Without the body motion, it’s very unlikely that you’ll be able to do an efficient defense. Not only the body defense I need, but enabling the strike here.

When we have the same situation with a front hand, and I’ll explain when, it’s important to understand, when do I do the defense with the front and when do I do the defense with the rear hand? Very simple. Where the kick is coming from. Would you put your leg here?

If I’m tilted in a way that when I drop my hand it’s my front hand touching him, it means he’s kicking under my front hand. Then my front hand is for the defense. If I’m at an angle that when I drop my hand down, drop two hands down, I drop this one, if this one is touching his leg, meaning he’s kicking under my right hand, my back hand, so here I do the defense with the back hand.

Now if we are in this situation, sideways do it, and now he’s slowly kicking under my front hand. In this case, whether he’s kicking with the right or with the left, quickly the other hand, the rear hand, this is the same. Be careful, one more time.

If I would do this, I’m sliding here and if I do the technique bending backwards, so I’m doing a sweeping action, I can do the sweeping action triple speed with the body motion. I’m pivoting on my legs and then move back. I’m pivoting on both of the feet, and then I move vaguely forward. If I can reach with a strike, great. If I cannot reach with a strike, I do nothing, then strike with the back hand.

What’s, again, very important for us to understand, the timing and the essence of the body defense that enabled the sweeping action, whether with the front hand or with the back hand. Back hand go into the technique or front hand do your technique.

What happens if the kick is high? If my hand defense, the inside defense, we’re doing it here, is sinking into this hole. That’s the problem. Again, we’re going to look. Inside difference plus sweeping action to go with the defense this direction.

How do I do this? Hand defense then lean forward, intercept and deflect, plus a body action. Look, one section of the defense at the same time body motion triple the distance in the same time and you triple the speed.

With the high defense there’s a little bit of a problem that the width of his foot is usually bigger than the distance between my hands. Sometimes you need to open a little bit. In any case, one more time. You see how the body defense is moving quite diagonally forward at the same time and sweeping.

The torque of the body this is very important. Then because I’m sideways to him, immediate counter attack will be the hammer, horizontal hammer, to his head or trapping him at that.

Again, look at the situation. There’s a hole here, this is not sufficient, I have to complete. I’m advancing with my hand a certain amount of centimeters, let’s say maybe a foot and a half, but because I’m doing also the body motion, suddenly I’m advancing about four, five feet sometimes even.

With my forearm at the same time, because it’s got the ability to sweep the area of … Left heel extended. There I can make the difference. If I’m trying to do this … Slowly. If I’m trying to do the difference to deep, he’s already here inside me and hitting, so the difference is, the timing of the difference, is around the heel and heel extend and lower part of the shin, that’s where I should do the defense here. To hit, feel and think that you’re really striking his arm. Correction, you’re striking with your arm his shin.

Thanks very much, cheers.

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