Different Double Defenses Against High Front Kick

Technique Review 

Shalom, everyone. This week’s technique review is about defending the front kick or the defensive kick forward when it’s high. Also, when you do not know, we can identify which level the kick is going to hit, which target. . .

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Shalom, everyone. This week’s technique review is about defending the front kick or the defensive kick forward when it’s high. Also, when you do not know, we can identify which level the kick is going to hit, which target.

So, Johnathan, please be kind. We’re talking about a kick that is coming to this area, please. That’s my problem, yes? One more time. Ah, so, the natural response can be like this. One more time. The natural responses, obviously, one more time.

It’s our natural responses as human being and this is our foundation really, what to do in this case. So, like we have a defense against a strike, will you give me a punch? Yes. Could you punch me here? One more time. No, not so good, right? What do we do? This one, one more time. Yes. In this case, one more time …

Inside defense. If I don’t know exactly the height, I’ll use forearm. So, now we are talking about the kick that is coming here. Fast. So, he’s kicking me and I’m just doing a hand defense. One more time. Yes. Hand defense, deflecting. One more time. Body defense, not to be in the line, they’re not to be in the channel.

You know this, you’ve seen it, you’ve trained in it, hopefully. Anyhow, it’s in the curriculum, in the regular videos. So, when he’s attacking me, that’s the first thing. We defend, move diagonally forward, counterattack. One more time. … That’s our basic.

I’ll tell you one thing. One time, Amy was sitting, when I was teaching almost every expert and instructor in krav maga, thirty years ago. Amy was sitting in this direction, the crowd was there, and … please, from here … and he saw exactly what I was doing, and I did a mistake. He said to me to do again. Took him about twenty, thirty times. Some of the guys were my students, some of the guys were parallel to me, some of them much older than me. And it was a very good ego pressure, or press down the ego. Anyhow, he saw a mistake and told me to do it again and again and again until he was happy. Now I think I do it a little bit better than then, at least.

Here is attacking and defense, one more time … move diagonally forward and counter attack as soon as you can. The hand is here after the defense. Strike with it. Sometimes you do a larger defense with a body, and then enemies are by your side, so of course then you will hit with the hammer. We are trying not to do this in the basics. We are trying to be more frontal to him, and then continue, but again, if you did more hand defense, more of a sweeping action by your side, go with the hammer. It’s obvious. It’s clear.

If, for some reason, you could move well, what to do? You couldn’t move diagonally forward. You defended yourself. What to do? Kick the leg, side kick to the leg, maybe some sweeping action can be done. If you could not reach with hands, use your legs, obviously. What happens if you couldn’t identify the height? What happens if this natural response is a bit too strong? That one, the front leg is also lifted. It’s also going into some action of protection.

Then, if you manage to stop him, if you didn’t have enough time for this-one more time-I don’t care where he hits, where he’s aiming at. He can aim to my groin. He can aim to my chin. He can aim to my stomach. I don’t know. What will happen is I’ll do double defense. Double defense in this sense is forcing the shin and the forearm-two things together-and what’s important is that you will do the defense immediately to intercept. Do not do forward and sideways. Do not go circular actions. Just immediately move diagonally forward. Very important. Sometimes it’s common mistakes with people. Defending diagonally forward and then there’s another issue.

What happens if that’s a very natural response? Two hands. Not something like that as a natural response that we convert to this shin and forearm, but something like this, meaning two hands are going towards the leg that is coming towards my body, where it is. Then he can kick my groin, center, or head. That’s really the danger. What do we say? Let’s do double defense. But this time, it’s two hands. One hand is more going forward, and one hand is going downwards. One is up, one is down. Downwards and diagonally forward, up.

When he’s kicking … look again. From here, that’s the defense. Kick high, medium, whatever. That’s the thinking. Who knows where he is going. I don’t know. What I’m doing is, I move. Of course I lower myself a little bit, a crunch. One hand will be able to defend the groin. One hand will be able to defend the head, the chest, and the whole body will turn. So there will be a body defense. One more time … that one. As soon as possible, attack. And if you feel that you cannot reach, catch and then hit. Trap his hand. Your front hand, your front weapon was doing a defense, and then acting, whether with a strike or with the grab.

Double defenses can be of different kinds. Two hands high is one option. Two hands low, we almost never do it, but two hands high we do. That’s one type of double defense. The we have double defense which is one hand high, one hand low. It can be in different options, really two options. The back hand is low, or the back hand is high. That’s it, simple as that. This one, or this one. The last option is hand and leg. Hand and leg in, hand and leg out. Double defense, creating more of a wall, larger wall. Not the Wall of China, but a larger wall. Guys, go to train. Practice. All the best, so thankful I am for you and your sacrifice of your body towards science.

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