Sliding Kicks To Different Directions

Technique Review August 31, 2018

Hi everyone welcome to this week’s technique review. And also today we are with sliding kicks. This time two different directions.

Video transcript

Hi everyone welcome to this week’s technique review. And also today we are with sliding kicks. This time two different directions.

So we talked about sliding forward. Not telegraphing, covering distance, hitting reasonably effectively.

Now we’re talking about sliding kicks with different directions or different types of kicks also. So think like this, I’m in a ready type of position or passive type of position. I need to attack while covering distance because I cannot really reach the target. And I would like to advance and I would like to advance without showing intention. So if I do this, I show intention. If I do that one, this shows more intention than that one. That’s the idea.

So here for example, we talked about the regular kick forward with sliding but we can also do a round house kick. It will not be so powerful. Also rotation motion. But however much power you need to start over there to create certain level of damage and disturbance for example with hit to the groin or hit to the [inaudible] or kick to the throat and ribs.

And obviously then you create some damage and then you continue. So for example here, I’m in a ready stance. I cannot reach the opponent but I will advance with a roundhouse kick for example. What happened was I was in this position, started with a kick while changing the angle while advancing. It looks like this.

Look from here. Look from here.

So that’s the idea. I start with the kick. I continue returning of the body and lifting the heel sideways. And covering distance while doing this.

Again, couple of feet is reasonable to hit. Look an example with my distance from my target when I do this way. And manage to hit. And after the hit, the strike, I continue advancing and then I can use other attacks. Other attacks can even be with the leg or other attacks can be with the hands.

That’s it. Start doing this as you’ve seen, very relaxed, rather slow. Then pick up the speed, pick up the energy. Work technique first, add to it speed and power. And if I’m sideways, to the target so from this position if I kick there’s no reach. If I lift the leg, send it towards the target and slide at the same time. Then you can see that there was a reasonable powerful hit.

Look again. So, again here. Sideways position more or less. Lift the leg, the give it to you, bring the heel towards the target. Continue with sliding and kicking and look at my base foot. If I start in this position, in this distance the rotation is one thing, the sliding is another thing that we manage to progress reasonably well.

And again, how long, a couple of feet, 60, 70 centimeters. Reasonable amount of advance. When we talk about attacking backwards, the closed leg possible to attack while sliding. Attacking with the front leg through the left side meaning bit of a spin here.

And when you do this with a distance, from a distance, stop spin and kick. You have been advancing while spinning while kicking. So you do have different types of visual of sliding kicks, practically call the basics. Meaning, regular kick forward, strike or defensive kick forward, at the fold once. Yes?

This one, is the forward, regular kick from below. Defensive kick forward that we are doing straight kick. The roundhouse kick, still the target is forward. Advance while doing a roundhouse kick from the hitting the target from the side. Then sideways, with a side kick. And then backwards with a different kick backwards. Especially regular kick backwards, upwards it is and the straight kick backwards.

All doing sliding. Advancing towards the target.

Thank you for listening and watching. All the best guys.

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