What is Krav Maga?

Krav Maga is suitable for all. Young and older, male and female, kids, handicapped. Naturally also to law enforcement, military, special units, protection units …

Video transcript

Krav Maga is suitable for all. Young and older, male and female, kids, handicapped. Naturally also to law enforcement, military, special units, protection units. Why? Because we look at the necessities, we look at the problems, we look at the advantages and disadvantages of the group. We look at the system itself. We combine the best program for you.

We always take into an account that the attacker is stronger, faster, bigger, and we are, with our techniques, with our capabilities, with our spirit, with our body, with our mind, with our techniques and tactics, we’ve got the best tools to overcome the attacker. So, we take into consideration that the attacker is better than us in size and power, but we are better with the knowledge, and the with experience to solve the problems.

Krav Maga is a comprehensive system of self-defense, fighting skill and combat, and third party protection. Defending others, I mean. It was not developed in one day. It took time. It was founded by Imi, my teacher. I was lucky enough to be in place and time to develop it, make the new curriculum, and spread it around the world.

The view of Krav Maga is to teach you how to defend yourself, first of all. How to deal with violent confrontations. When I’m saying deal with, it’s first of all of course try to prevent, de-escalate, avoid the final confrontation, and by this you’re winning, first of all. Especially in the self-defense section. If you cannot, then you have to deal with it, to confront the enemy, the opponent, the criminal, whoever wants to harm you. And eventually you have to win. Winning means attacker should not be able, or would not want to continue to attack anymore. Will not be able, either you’re far away, you manage to escape, or not able, meaning broken. Physically not able to.

The other option is mentally not able to. Basically, the attacker surrendered. He escaped. He lied down and, crying, doesn’t want to attack anymore. Or if you threat him or her in a way that you break his spirit to attack, you won. This is the first section about self-defense. It is very, very wide section. We talk about attacks, and counterattacks, and releases from different grabs and defending the different attacks and strikes and kicks, and defending weapon attacks, and defending weapon threats. When I say weapon I mean sharp object, blunt object, firearms.

We deal with all situations in all possibilities. Meaning, when you are on the move, when you’re standing, when you’re sitting, when you’re lying down. To release yourself from all type of grabs, whether the attackers front, from the side, from the rear. Then, if you’re by yourself, or with another person, meaning defending others. We have, in the curriculum, definitely in Max Krav Maga, how to defend other people. Then we have how to deal with multiple opponents. We have simulations. We bring you to a situation that resembles the most to the street conditions, or realistic conditions. Not only the basic technique, from that we understand the principals and we do variations, and after that simulations, and after that under stressful conditions. All, of course, in the safest environment that we can create. We teach you how to be a correct attacker, meaning how to assist your partner so the partner will learn how to defend himself or herself.

So, Krav Maga is a lateral, wide system that progresses the highest, into the highest possible. The second section of the system is fighting skills and tactics. We are focusing on this section from the practitioner and then through the graduate and then through the expert levels. How to conduct combat fight. Of course, there are similarities with the self-defense, but it’s a section by itself. And the third party protection. How to defend other people. Now, in combat, what is the goal? Create maximum damage to your opponent in a minimum time, and of course, sustain minimal damage to ourselves. But maximum damage, minimum time. It’s not exactly like self-defense.

The third section is defending others. Some people will give their lives to defend other people, of course, whether it’s a job or it’s a family. So, in this case, most important is that the other person, the third party, the VIP, will not get hurt. So, this is really Krav Maga. This three pillar of the three sections. Then we train you in four directions, meaning technically, tactically, mentally, and physically how to deal with the confrontation. It is about training, it is about understanding, it is about focusing, it is about experiencing, it is about learning. You gain the knowledge from others. With interaction with other people, you promote yourself to higher levels. With Max Krav Maga, it’s a wonderful tool when we are not together in the same room.

Practice with a good partner. To accept the knowledge, you have to practice. Gain the experience. So, knowledge and experience together, you’ll be able to progress, get better, understand the concepts, the consequences, the problems and the solutions, and progress to highest level possible.

Train well, be safe, train safe. All the best.

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