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Combining Krav Maga with other Martial Arts

Many of our max Krav Maga members are training in other martial arts. Some of them only train in other martial arts. And I would like to talk about the benefit…

Video transcript

Many of our max Krav Maga members are training in other martial arts. Some of them only train other martial arts. And I would like to talk about the benefit of training martial arts with Krav Maga, of course. So please remember, Krav Maga is very wide, horizontal system, lateral one. So when we are talking about what sections we have in the system, it’s really enormous number. We have attacks all kinds, all directions, all distances and ranges. There’s no limitations.

We have defenses against all that type of attacks. We have releases, we have releases standing, sitting on the ground. We have dealing with attacks with weapons, armed swords, knives, stick, threats with a knife, threats with firearms. We have different types of fighting tactics. All the section of fighting. The techniques, the different families of fake spades tactics et cetera. We are third party protection. We have to how to deal with multiple opponents. Then we have to do all these things from all directions, all positions, whether you are on the move, meaning walking or running, whether you are standing, sitting, laying down. Whether you are in more spacey area, or you are in confined place, whether you are sitting in a car. Everywhere.

So we do have to focus on all these things, of course, at different times, but we do have to do this. Because we are dealing with reality. And there are principles and families with techniques, and it’s a system, everything is meshed and integrated together, but we do need to spend time on different things.

So if you have the possibility and opportunity to get some supplement, a training with other martial arts, in can be excellent. We have to be careful with this, but it can be really excellent. For instance, if you are training boxing, you’d be much better with strikes that are practically almost completely like ours. However, they don’t have hammers and elbows.

If you train muai thai, kick boxing, excellent. You’re getting much, much better with really basic, basic tools, as we all need, we all must have. If you’re training MMA, and BJJ, training on the ground, different techniques, very good. However, we need to be careful, because please remember, in Krav Maga the role and goal is not to score a point, or to make the opponent tap. We have to survive, we have to win. We have to protect our dear ones. We have to check for multiple opponents. We can’t really focus on one person all the time. The moment this person is not dangerous anymore to you … because no referee will tell you to go to the side, or you’ve got the natural response of going and waiting until this person’s get up on his feet.

So yes, training extremely important. Getting the basics from other system, it may help you. Of course, there are some systems who maybe contradicting. For instance, not to have hands up, but to have hands near the waist, and the hip, is of course problematic for us. However, please remember, that all martial art have had excellent merit, and something very important and good core with them. So they were used in the past. So all we need to find what is useful, what is not. If we train as a martial arts, we have to follow the rules of that system, of this style. However, when you are in Krav Maga, and you are stepping out from the training place, whether it is Krav Maga or not Krav Maga … especially if it’s not Krav Maga, please remember that you are in the real world, not in the world of mats, and not in the world of an arena. Not in the world of referee and partners who have certain types of code of behavior.

You are out there, and this is dangerous. And there may be attackers there, and they don’t know the rules. The opposite, they don’t use rules. So, like us … we should do whatever is needed, and we should follow the guidelines of Krav Maga. So training Krav Maga, you can ask always and get examples from your instructor, here in max Krav Maga, you will see the techniques, but you will also see the tactics. Tactics of behavior. How to behave. Remember it’s a process always the self-defense. The fighting is a process. The third party protection is a process. It’s our processes. So we need to understand these things, and act accordingly, with the techniques and with the tactics.

If the enemy … my attacker … who is an aggressor trying to strike me, try to hit me, try to attack me in whatever manner, and he is from another system, and he acts with a certain some type of pattern, of specific martial art, if you know that martial art, if you’ve got any clue about this, definitely you know the enemy better. Don’t you know the enemy, and you know yourself, you always win. If you don’t know the enemy, oh, it’s 50% you win … may win. If you don’t know the enemy, you don’t know yourself, then of course you will lose them all.

So training is the name of the game. Train as much as you can. Understand yourself, control yourself, understand your opponent, control the opponent, understand the situation, control the situation.

All the best.


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