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Krav Maga for Seniors

Krav Maga, KMG, is really the perfect solution for senior citizens like yourself. When we deal with, or we approach this subject of overcoming confrontations, violence…

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Krav Maga, KMG, is really the perfect solution for senior citizens like yourself. When we deal with, or we approach this subject of overcoming confrontations, violence, danger, as a senior you may feel that the body is betraying you. You’re not as strong, as agile as before, cannot do things that you did before. Definitely it’s disturbing. When you cannot do certain actions, you feel that you are vulnerable. You may fall, you may be attacked, some people may deceive you.

When we look at those who attack seniors, or attack people like you, what do we see? We see predators. They see the senior, they see the people like you, as prey that they can get something from.

Our system is a self-defense system, martial art in that sense. It’s about self-defense, how to defend yourself, except of avoid and de-escalate and not get into problem. We do train on that. It’s also how to solve problems.

The style, the way we work, is definitely very modern, very efficient. It’s not a sport, there’s no competitions. It’s also about defending other people. So if you are going with your spouse, something happens, how to respond towards that aggression, how to avoid or deal with that person.

Krav Maga KMG is addressing the discrepancies of weight, size, power. True, most of the time attacker may be faster and stronger than you. The way we do it, based on natural responses. It’s easy to learn,  it’s easy to retain.

Imagine situation that you’ve got this type of response. Something’s approaching you, maybe a strike or maybe a vehicle, or some object, and you are doing this as a response. This motion, if there’s a strike, can be a defense and a counter. This technique could be a soft break fall so you do not get hurt by the floor that you’re falling on, or the table that you are falling on it. If that’s the natural response, moving away from danger, or defending and counter attacking. That’s the beginning, that’s the foundation of a technique.

Senior citizens like yourself encounter many times frauds and con people. What they want is to cheat you, take your money. This is usual, this stuff. To have the courage, to have the assertiveness on one hand, to have the understanding, awareness what these people want from you. How to deal with these people. We teach this also.

What happens is during the training we really practice these things. How one person cons another person and how to deal with this problem. And obviously, because you are becoming more proficient, stronger, and believe in yourself, so you’ve got the tools and the ability and assertiveness, and even sometimes the aggression to deal with such people. And remember, if you are behaving like a prey, you are targeted as a prey. We know that the serial attackers attack the same type of people.

If a person like yourself is trained, the poster changes. The way you carry yourself, the way you look around changes. The tone of the voice, the look in the eyes, all these things change. Then you are not prey anymore.

The predator will target the weak prey, the weak animal, the one that doesn’t resist, that doesn’t know how to fight, who cannot fight.

Many senior people are walking with canes. That is a great tool for self-defense. In KMG we teach how to deal with attacks of different kinds. When you have an object in the hand you can thing, “Oh, this object may be limiting me. I do not have good stability.” But on the other hand, this tool you can attack with, especially if you hold it with two hands. Then it’s very strong, your strikes will be very strong while using this type of object.

So use of common objects. A cane or an ashtray, or a hot cup of tea, these tools can save your lives. How to do this, one of our subjects in the basic curriculum for the senior citizens.

It’s important to know that many people are very much willing to assist you. But how to approach people. If you need to go and ask assistance, you need to train how to do that. Control your emotions, control your feelings, don’t show panic. Talk very clearly, and practice this type of using a tool. Who is the tool? Other people. Somebody who can assist or deter the potential attacker. And the truth is that even attacker is a con artist, or somebody who wants to rob you. And you sense this person is dangerous, what do you do? You can approach other people who may assist you. Just the approach towards another person will deter, will frighten, the potential attacker.

At this case, when you approach another person the attacker, the predator, will not see you as easy prey anymore. You’ve got powers behind you. So how to do this, we have to train.

The name of the founder of Krav Maga was Imrich, nickname Imi. Imi was my teacher for 24 years. At a rather old age, around 85, he told me once, “Yes, I can do a defense against your punch. But if I hit you, I break my hand.”

So the idea of absorbing strikes, how to attack correctly. And if you are being attacked, how to absorb the strike, how to defend the strike in a way that you are not hurt so your hand will not be broken, so you absorb a specific attack, that’s one thing. And obviously, how to attack vulnerable points so you yourself will not get hurt.

In KMG we are practically teaching when you are talking about attacking the enemy, attacking the aggressor, is how to do this in the most efficient way at vulnerable points at the attackers body and still by yourself, you will not get hurt. These are basics in our curriculum.

During the years myself, other instructors within the organization have done different courses, seminars, and regular training, continuous weekly, monthly training for seniors. So many people over the age of 65 or 70 have been training krav maga and doing this in intensive courses and seminars and also doing this in regular training for years and progressing with the levels. We have people who are reaching the expert level and they are around the age of 65 or over 70 even.

We do have the understanding and the experience of how we teach, how we progress the elderly people, the elderly student.

I’ll be honored to be your personal instructor through Max Krav Maga. Together we’ll progress, we’ll understand, we’ll learn, we’ll know, and we’ll acquire the physical, technical, and mental capabilities. All the best guys.

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