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David vs Goliath - Women and Krav Maga

Ladies, you must train. I would like to convince you why. Gentlemen, you have to push your girlfriends, sisters, wives, colleagues to train. We are talking about …

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Ladies, you must train. I would like to convince you why. Gentlemen, you have to push your girlfriends, sisters, wives, colleagues to train. We are talking about women who need to defend themselves. The average woman of course, is smaller. When I want to explain this to a rather large male, what does a woman feel when she’s training with him? I say like this. If a woman of 60 kilograms, around 135 pounds more or less, and one meter, 65 is training with a man which is 90 kilos.

Talk about something like 200 pounds, and a height of six feet. What size of man do I need to put in front of the 90 kilo in order for him to feel like the woman what she feels against him? After calculation of body fat, and mass, and height, and muscles, et cetera, the conclusion is something a little bit over seven feet with about 200 kilograms, meaning 450 pounds, approximately. Imagine you, 90 kilos, 200 pounds, will feel like a 60 kilo woman when you are standing in front of a 200 kilogram, 450 pounds male.

Muscle, muscular, 10% fat, that his height is seven feet. Two meter, 12, two meter, 15. Something like this. Now you understand what a woman feels when a relatively large person, 50% more than her weight, is attacking her. When we look at the training of women, and what type of program do we have? I would like to analyze this a little bit and explain it to you guys. First of all, we talk about KMG for women. Let’s take the women as a group. The average, of course, so group. We have to look at the risk analysis. Risks. Meaning, how women are being attacked.

What is more common? What is less common? Of course, the KMG itself. The curriculum that we have that, when we are looking at the group, at the risks and the system, we are composing training method curriculum for the women. First of all, let’s look at the advantages, disadvantage, for women. We have the group, and let’s talk for a moment about the disadvantages. First, we talk about size. We know women are, on the average, shorter, weaker, less length of the limbs, so the size is definitely an issue.

Sometimes the man will be 20 to 50% more heavy than the woman, except of this muscle power on the average, women have 30% less power in her muscle. Muscle the same volume of course, I mean, compared to a man. This is on the average. Education. Most commonly, the society is educating the women to be more submissive. Deal with less aggressive sports. We are sending the girls to ballet and the boys to football. To soccer. To martial arts. The equipment. The gear. The clothing.

Example, women many times have a bag. Many times they have high heels. They may have skirts or long skirts. Dresses. In this case, you see things that are limiting the woman on one hand and on the other hand, things that are easy to snatch. Easy to take. Jewelry. Many times women wear jewelry, so they are a temptation. Mentally, usually women are trained by society, by the education, to be more co-operative, more relaxed, less aggressive. Like a China doll, yes? Of course, we’re talking about mentally, less aggressive.

Let’s talk about the advantages of women. Because what I said before, attackers are less expecting a woman to resist and to attack, so a woman can easily surprise. Long nails may be a disadvantage, because to make a fist, it may seems if you want to attack with a fist, the nails will enter into your own flesh. Limiting. If we say that nails are a disadvantage in a way to make a fist, definitely nails are an advantage to penetrate into vulnerable areas and cause more damage and more pain.

Because of this, by the way, we do not hit so often with the fist for women, more with the heel of the hand. There is also the natural response of attacking like this. Natural behaving of women is more to attack that way, so we’re using it to attack straight action towards eyes or other vulnerable places. If we say that women have bag, and this may be a disadvantage, bag can be an advantage. Because you can put some things there for self-defense purposes. Sometimes you can attack with a bag, so it’s already two things that you can use it for.

Another issue with something that can be put in the bag, if you are expecting an attack. If you’re afraid a little bit, and you are in a situation that you hear something or see something, take this object immediately in your hand. Don’t wait too long. If you know that you are expecting problem, or problem is maybe waiting for you, of course don’t go there. If you are there already, take that object from your bag as soon as you can. Do not leave it for the last moment. The opposite. Take it in advance. However, please pay attention.

Sometimes equipping yourself with something may be illegal in some countries. Attackers sometimes attack women at close range. This is many times, an advantage because you can attack strongly to vulnerable places with the elbow and with the knees. Short range attacks can be definitely an advantage for you. Women are more intuitive. There are reasons for that from genetics and evolving, but please remember, women are definitely more intuitive. They usually have better communication skills.

We need to train you girls. To have better communication with an attacker can be an advantage. What a man will find very hard to do, a woman may find easier. Communicating and intuition. Please listen to your intuition. If you feel something’s wrong, if you feel that this person in front of you is acting a little bit suspicious, terminate the meeting. You had a date? Terminate the date. Have an excuse, go away. Rely on your intuition.

Stop the car. Stop the car.


Now we have the risks. What women are facing. What type of physical attack that is more common? For instance, slaps. Certain type strikes. A push. Grab of the clothing. Grab of the hair. Grab of the arm. Pulling. Snatching techniques. These are things that are a bit more common towards women. Certain threats.

There are techniques that are more common to the ground. If a woman find herself on the ground. We have sexual assault and sexual harassment. We have stalking situations, that women are being followed for a long period of time. Being ambushed, usually by people they know. Domestic violence sometimes in some countries counts for over 50% of killing of women.

… This way.

I was really busy today.

Everything is a mess all the time. You should do something with yourself! We’re not just working here!

Listen, I’m sorry. I’m sorry. It’s okay. Relax. I’m going to make you dinner. It’s going to be the best. Just have a seat. Relax. Sit down. Sit down.

These are the characteristics and the lines of the problems. It is obvious that what we teach is to deal with these problems, both technically and tactically, and of course preparation is obviously mental. One has to withstand. One has to be able mentally, to cope with the situation. To respond. To attack. To defend. To counterattack. It is obvious. To do these things, one, a woman needs to train. A girl needs to practice. Without this, it’ll be extremely hard of course, to be able to resist and to overcome problems.

Now we have KMG. Krav Maga, with all the techniques, the tactics, the mental preparation and the physical. We do have techniques that are geared towards women because for instance, a risk is a specific one. Because if a attack is a specific one. For instance, if a man’s hair is going to be pulled, probably it’s going to be pulled to a strike of the knee or a punch from below. A woman may be pulled more towards the face. Snatching, kidnapping. Pulling, dragging techniques. Situations on the ground that are more characteristic to women, of holding the hands as example.

There are problems. There are techniques of dealing with specific problems. If we say there’s risk analysis, meaning which attacks are geared more towards women? What is more common? Of course, we have specific techniques, specific solutions for this. Again, if we take the group advantages, disadvantages. We understand the essence of all this, we take the risks and we take Krav Maga, together we are composing. We have curriculum for women. Ladies, you can join regular classes.

You can join seminars. You can join courses. I remember women spending relatively short time in seminar, after that saying, “Now we understand how much fun boys are doing, or having, when they are training with you guys.” You need to experience us. Don’t be afraid. Don’t worry. Come and train. You will have a ball. Except of that, we are hitting two birds with one stone. We are also training physically. Toning the body. Strengthening the body. Losing weight.

I remember so many people, especially women, saying, “Krav Maga changed my life.” Not Krav Maga saved my life. This is one thing, it happens from time to time. People are being attacked and they manage to use Krav Maga to defend themselves. I’m talking about Krav Maga changed my life. “I manage to deal better with the daily missions. With the daily jobs. With the stress. I manage to lose weight. I manage to see myself better when I look at the mirror.” Come and change yourself.

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