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Bullseye - Devastating Effects from Correct Strike Targeting

As you may very well remember, we need to defeat the enemy, the opponent, the criminal, the terrorist, whoever it is, whoever is in front of us, we defeat …

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As you may very well remember, we need to defeat the enemy, the opponent, the criminal, the terrorist, whoever it is, whoever is in front of us, we defeat. In the self-defense it’s one thing. In the third party protection another thing. In combat, it’s something different, a little bit at least, but the conclusion is, the main thing is the attacker, the enemy cannot or doesn’t want to continue. When we say cannot continue, it means physically unable. Of course, it can be because of distance as I run away, or because I hit him strong enough that it will stop his actions.

Vulnerable points, vulnerable areas here we’re talking about. It can be done with strikes, different attacks with the hands, with elbows, from the finger to the elbow, finger to the eyes. Clenched fingers, bent, can go to the throat. Strike with the fist with the open hand can go to the chin, to the nose, to the temple, definitely some strikes, and actually to the back of the head, the neck. Attacks like this, for examples.

There are attacks that will come to these points from different directions. Can be straight attacks. Can be attacks that are horizontal. This can be from side to side, from the outside in, or from the inside out. The hammer is example. The upper part, you can say, this line, the eyes line, the eyes and the temple, the nose, the ears, the jaw, and the back of the head and the neck, and the back of the neck. There’s the first two or three lines up here.

When we go down in the torso, you will see the solar plexus. When you look at the sternum, below the sternum there’s the blade of the sternum, and under it the solar plexus. If I’m from the front, I will attack in a straight strike. If I’m from the side, I will attack in a circular manner.

The level of the solar plexus is large so we can have the spleen and the liver, the floating rib area, all this area extremely vulnerable. You could see this for sometimes, for example, in boxing. Sometimes people drop because they got a liver shot, for example. Attacks to these areas for us with open hand, with closed fist, and, of course, can be different types of positions of the fist, all depending on the angles and situation.

When we strike straight attack to the solar plexus, of course, one should lower the shoulder so the angle will be perpendicular and will not be sliding too much.

Regarding the vertical strikes, upper cut to the chin, extremely efficient. The upper cut toward the chin is going diagonally forward, not only upward. To the solar plexus, we can strike with the upper part of the fist, diagonally upwards, with the large finger, held in a way that it’s protruding like an arrow. Strikes like this are very efficient. This is the medium section, middle section.

The low section, we’ll talk about the groin. It’s obvious. The testicles of the person, painful areas. When the person is subject to pain, it is efficient. Of course, if there are drugs and the person doesn’t feel pain, we’re talking about something different.

Below that, there are the knees. To attack and cause much damage to the knees, you talk about from the front and from the sides. From behind, the knee will bend. Of course, depending on the strike, even from behind can be rather strong damage to the knee.

When we talk about even lower than this, we talk about the instep, the toes, stomping like this with the heel on the toes, on the side of the ridge, not on the big bone but the side more, rather painful areas out there. These are all attacks that are strikes.

Now we’re talking about attacks that are more pressure. We have the possibility of making pressure on a person, and that will cause him damage. We’re talking about chokes, for example, headlocks, artery restrains. The moment you are blocking the blood or destructing the air, it is huge damage. Bear hugs and Nelson are also rather problematic attacks that can be one hand. Limiting, on the other hand, can be definitely preparation for a strong damage like throwing on the floor. If you fall with a person, that grabbed you together on your part of bodies, particularly the head and shoulder, a lot of damage can happen. The Nelson itself can also be dangerous. We explain this in the subject of the Nelson.

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