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  • Fighting On The Ground: Beginner through Advanced
  • Defending Armed Attacks: Beginner through Advanced
  • Defending Un-Armed Attacks: Beginner through Advanced
  • Attacks and Counter Attacks: Beginner through Advanced
  • Chokes Grab Releases: Beginner through Advanced

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Plus: 4 Bonus
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Bonus #1 - Combat mindset and mental conditioning module
Bonus #2 - Masterclass seminar training module
Bonus #3 - Anti-car jacking and road rage defense training module
Bonus #4 - Firearms as non-lethal weapons training module

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Do I have to commit to any contracts?
No. You may cancel at any time. There are no fees associated with cancellation.

How do i cancel my membership?
Once you are logged into our members area you will see a "my account" tab. All you need to do is click on that tab and you will see the option of canceling your membership. Click on that link and your membership is cancelled. You do not even need to contact us in order to cancel - its that easy.
What if you raise your fees in the future.. will my subscription cost go up?
No. By becoming a member you guarantee the price in which you signed up for as the one for the duration of your membership. Even if we do raise prices in the future, your membership cost will remain the same as it was when you signed up.. for as long as you are a member with us.
Do I have to be a Krav Maga Global ( KMG ) student to join your program?
No. Our program was made for all and any Krav Maga practitioners regardless of affiliation - Anyone can Join. This program was not designed to replace your current Krav Maga training, but to enhance it. No matter where you currently train, our program will greatly enhance your skill set . It also provides anyone who does not have a Krav Maga training facility near them with a place to call home.
Who are the typical members of your program?
We have members from 27 different countries around the world. We have a very broad member base -from Krav Maga veterans, to Krav Maga beginners. We have an array of martial artists form a variety of different disciplines ( Karate, Judo, Kung Fu, Jiujitsu, Boxing, MMA, Muay Thai and many more) who want to enhance their training with Krav Maga. We have members that are police officers, correctional officers, state troopers, soldiers, doctors, lawyers, teachers and many, many more. Our youngest member is 12 and our oldest member is 78. Men, women, old, young, beginners and veterans they are all a part of our community.
What curriculum do you use?
Our curriculum is the official training curriculum of Krav Maga Global (KMG) By Eyal Yanilov
Are the videos structured in a specific way? How will I know in what order to train?
All of our video training programs are directly attached to the official KMG syllabus. You have the actual official training syllabus on screen. This makes it as clear as possible to train in a clear, methodical structure. We guarantee you will not get lost, but if for what ever reason something is unclear you can always rely on your fellow community members as well as our support staff to lead you on to the right path.
Can I get KMG certified through the online training program?
KMG holds the highest standards in terms of certifying its instructors and students. You will need to be physically present at a KMG facility in order to get certified. If you are a member of the MaxKravMaga and would like to get tested for certification, we can schedule a test for you at the closest KMG facility. This is decided on a case by case basis and is not guaranteed. In order to inquire if you are eligible for certification testing - write us at [email protected]. Please include information regarding your training background, what you would like to be tested for, how long you have been a member of our online training program.
Can I watch the training videos on my ipad / iphone / Android?
Yes. All our videos are cross platform mobile compatible so you can take your training with you on all of your mobile devices.
What kind of customer service can I expect?
We take pride in our customer service. We make a habit of replying to customer support emails in an extremely efficient manner. For anything and everything simply get in touch at [email protected] and we'll get back to you immediately.

The best resource for reality based self defense training videos i have ever come across.

"As a former state trooper I can say that Eyal Yanilov's MaxKravMaga is the best resource for reality based self defense training videos i have ever come across. Eyal's techniques work..plain and simple. Try MaxKravMaga if you really want to learn how to protect yourself.. there is something here for everyone. You wont find fancy "Hollywood" moves here... only things that have been proven to work and are effective."

Dan Ziangos / New York / Retired New York State Trooper

Eyal is an incredible and inspiring teacher

"I have trained with other Krav Maga training videos and none compare to MaxKravMaga. Eyal is an incredible and inspiring teacher.. He will make sure you effectively learn to defend yourself today, instead of years from now. If your looking for the best in Krav Maga specifically and reality based self defense in general - Eyal is who you want to learn from. Despite an incredible amount of videos in the program..everything is laid out intuitively and clearly. Also, every time i emailed support they got back to me right away.. to me, thats extremely important.

Tony Aiello / Dallas / 4 Year Krav Maga Student

Extremely professional

As a police officer i always try and learn new techniques to protect myself with. I am very impressed with Eyal's An endless amount of real life scenarios, situations and angles are covered. The level of instruction and clarity of the video tutorials is extremely professional. Eyal's experience and knowledge is felt through out the program."

Eddie Castelli / Los Angeles / LAPD Officer

Superior to all other self defense videos i have seen

"After training in various martial arts, I feel without a doubt that my experience with Eyal Yanilov and Krav Maga has been by far the most beneficial to me. This style of training has both increased my physical abilities and my overall knowledge of my surroundings while adapting to my environment. It can be molded to any person regarding athletic ability, size or experience. In my opinion, Eyal's training videos are superior to all other self defense training videos i have seen . I am absolutely in love with your online training program and watch Eyal's videos on my tablet on the way to the gym and back. It keeps things fresh in my head and i feel like its my ultimate training partner."

Mike Epstein / New Jersey / 7 Year Martial Artist

Been improving at a much faster rate.

"I've started training Krav Maga about 2 years ago at a training center near by... and then I found your site! It has been such a helpful tool for me that i just wanted to thank you for putting up a site like this, I've been improving at a rate that is much faster than what it was when i didn't have your online program to train with. A truly helpful training tool..thanks!"

Drew Williams / London / 2 Year Krav Maga Student

Monthly Annually Quarterly

"My goal is to convey the knowledge I have into an applicable modality so that you will remember and use it. That is why I created MaxKravMaga. I am excited for the opportunity to pass my knowledge to you."